Automatic Front & Back of Oval Product Labeling System

The Auto Labe Model 680S is our premier labeling system for labeling the front and back of oval and other elliptical and conical-shaped bottles as well as square and rectangular products. The 680S is designed for the most demanding production lines and can be seamlessly integrated with zero down-time applicators.


  • Two adjustable stepper driven label applicators
  • Powered wipe down rollers
  • Product metering
  • Orientation belts or feed screw assembly
  • Top hold-down belt
  • Control panel with color HMI touchscreen
  • Dual product alignment belt assembly with on-center adjustment
  • Component speed following and
  • Memory settings for quick recall of presets


  • Coding and marking options
  • Wrap station for round products
  • Vision systems and reject stations
  • Web monitoring kits
  • Warning towers and outputs


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