The new Model 155 Print & Apply Label Applicator incorporates a PLC to allow superior versatility and control for a wide variety of user applications. The LCD display screen enables easy view menus for programming and troubleshooting. The Model 155 is available for Tamp, Blow, or Wipe-On configurations, and can be customized with several options.


  • Exceptional placement accuracy
  • Built for industrial environments
  • Flexible mounting allows labeling from the side, top, or bottom
  • Tamp-down for recessed label applications

Applicator Options Include

  • Tamp/Blow
  • Adjacent Side Carton Labeling
  • Corner Wrap Carton Labeling
  • Warning Tower
  • Heavy Duty Stand
  • Low Label Kit, Smart Tamp

Print Engine Options

  • SATO with 300 DPI
  • Zebra with 203 or 300 DPI
  • Datamax with 203 or 300 DPI


  • Dimensions: 25″ x 25″ x 19″
  • Weight: 75 lbs/36kg (approx.)
  • Electric: 110VAC/60Hz/5 AMPS (max.) or 220VAC/50Hz
  • Air: 3 CFM @ 90 PSIG


Our 710 system with a 155 Tamp Blow or Blow only.

Our 710 with a 155 for lead adjacent corner label applications.

Our 710 with a 155 for lead corner wrap label applications.

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